Staying Safe

New Rules and Procedures for Covid-19

Your safety and health is our number one priority. Following the guidance of health officials and local government rules, we’re confident that, with our updated procedures and measures, we can safely kickoff Koala Kickball again!

New Procedures &

Social Distancing Guidelines

Screening & Temperature Checks

KOALA Kickball will be conducting mandatory screenings with temperature checks prior to each game. To participate in that week’s games, players must agree to the screening, pass a temperature check, and adhere to the guidelines below.


Wear a mask

Masks must be worn on the field and field sidelines at all times. All players should adhere to all CDC guidelines. 

Have a back-up face mask available.



Each player should have their own hand sanitizer to apply before and after the game as well as after contacting the ball. 


Game Balls

Each team will have their own game ball for defense. Players on offense should not help the defense retrieve their ball. Standard PSI applies.



No spectators are allowed on the field. Spectators in stands or around the field who do not reside with each other should follow CDC guidelines. Spectators should also not assist in retrieving any balls.


Coughs & Sneezes

Cover your sneeze and cough into your elbow, tissue, or t-shirt and away from others. Disinfect any frequently used items.



All game celebrations should be limited to air high fives, air fist pumps, and words of affirmation.  There will be no high fives or fist pumps allowed.  Optional post game line up will proceed to be two lines at 6 feet social distancing between all players and conducting air high fives.

Sick or exposed?

If you are feeling sick or may have been in contact with anyone who has COVID 19, please stay home and follow CDC guidelines.

New Game Rules

27. Social Distancing in the Field of Play

  1. The catcher must stay behind the kickers box and can only pass through it after the kicker has made contact with the ball. This applies to kicking and bunting. 
  2. The catcher must distance themselves 6 feet from the kicker at all times. 
  3. Fielders must be 6 feet away from any base occupied by a base runner before the kicker has made contact with the ball.

28. Social Distancing Team Management

  1. Players not actively on the field should maintain 6 feet distancing in open air and not crowd in circles or dugouts.
  2. Defensive timeouts must be executed with 6 ft of social distancing around second base or outfield. 
  3. There will be no coaches whispering into the kicker’s ears before a play. Offensive discussions should take place before entering the batters cage at 6 feet distancing. 
  4. Base coaches must be 6 feet from the base and referee.

Player safety is of utmost importance to Koala Kickball. Players not adhering to social distancing rules will receive one “social distancing warning.” A player’s second failure to adhere to Koala Kickball’s social distancing rules will result in the player’s removal from the game. Koala Kickball reserves the right to ban players or teams who repeatedly disregard the safety and well-being of other players by refusing to follow our social distancing rules.

We have updated our waivers to reflect the realities of Covid-19. When you register for a new season of KOALA Kickball, you’ll be asked to agree to the updated terms.