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1Say Less2002
2Goofy Goobers2102
3Drunker Things2002
4Shits and Giggs1101
5Kickball Team1101
6Suck My Kick1101
7Kick in a Box1201
8Pitches Be Tripping1101
9Pitch, Don't Kick My Vibe0201
10Drive Fast and Kick Ass0200

After Party Every Week

Enjoy specials and great food from our friends at Bru's Room after every game!

8318 SW 40 Street, Miami, FL, 33155

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Commissioners Poll #44 – Winter 2018

Look here, a Commissioners Poll… what’s the special occasion!? We are back guys. We will be seeking to dish them out on regular basis. Keep yelling at Rene and Gio to make sure you get more polls. That said you should know who is writing this one.

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Commissioners Poll #43 – Fall 2017

On Saturday February 24th, 30 of our KOALA Kickballers went out once again for the second year in a row to support a great cause in helping kick Cystic Fibrosis. They also got to meet Bryant McKinney and many former and current NFL stars.

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